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As a part of the largest national franchise business network, ENZED® provides a complete service for all hose, fittings, fluid connection and motion control technology

Our services are comprehensive and cover all areas of repair and replacement parts either over the counter at the Service Centre or from one of our mobile HOSE DOCTOR®s.

When only the best will do:


We supply world-class fluid connection and motion control technology. Our products are the best available and are developed using all the latest technology. As part of the global Parker Hannifin network, the research and development of our products gives us relevant and up-to-date solutions to meet our customers needs that is unsurpassed anywhere else.

We have recently acquired a few new pieces of equipment in the workshop to help assure the quality, and performance of all parts sold by the ENZED Albury team.


First of all, we have acquired a new TB-42 Digital Electric Pipe & Tube Bender. This device gives the HOSE DOCTORS the ability to bend large diameter tubes as well as thin delicate pipes with optimum, constant bending radii without any pipe deformation.

A Hydraflare Hydraulic Flaring tool has recently been purchased, and added to the workshop. This tool eliminates the need for using a hand flaring tool, and instead creates a 37° JIC flare every time, in almost no time at all, where as the hand flare used to be unreliable in the flare it produced.  


   A new HAFCO METALMASTER AL-336 lathe has been installed in the workshop, replacing the old one. This machine is a vast improvement on the old one, which was a 40 year old Herless, which has been donated to the Men's shed in Lavington. This new machine has given our HOSE DOCTORS greater machining capabilities, giving you nothing but the quality of work you deserve as a valued customer. It features a 2 -Axis digital readout, quick change toolpost and leadscrew covers, hardened and ground precision ‘V’-beds, and 18 Spindle speeds, ranging from 65 to 1810rpm which are quickly changed by the gear drive headstock.
 We also now have a JS1300L Hydrostatic Test Bench in the workshop. This allows the HOSE DOCTORS to thoroughly pressure test up to three hoses at a time, with a test pressure of 120bar to 1300bar. The bench is outfitted with a MAXIMATOR® pump to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. So, if you having hosing that needs testing, bring it in and one of the staff will be able to give it a run on the test bench  


 Furthermore, we have implemented the Parker Tracking System. This barcode and RFID tracking system is designed to help customers reduce vehicle and asset downtime through increases in the speed, timing and accuracy of necessary repairs. Using a Web-based application, the PTS generates a unique identification code for each hose assembly which is printed on a durable barcode or RFID label. PTS Labels are specifically designed to withstand harsh chemicals, temperatures, UV exposure and other challenging conditions, so they'll withstand even the roughest of treatments.


Our professional HOSE DOCTOR team have learnt their skills from world leaders in the fluid connection and motion control business, so our customers get the very best. The best service, best products and all available locally.

24 Hour Service

We understand that breakdowns don't always happen during business hours, so the HOSE DOCTOR’s are available 24 hour a day, 7 day a week so you'll always have access to the parts and service you need, at the time you need them. Call 13 13 62 for service or more information.

Genuine Parker Parts Program

Our technical team will evaluate your fluid connectors as a part of the Genuine Parker Parts Program for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers. This program is unique and means we will work alongside engineers from your organisation to design the most effective motion-control solution and maintenance for your system. Our technical experts then train your staff to maintain and repair the system themselves.

AS /NZS ISO 9001:2008 Certification

We are accredited ISO 9001:2008, which is annually audited by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), an external auditing body that ensures compliance with all ISO Standards.

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As the world leader in motion control products, systems and solutions, Parker are dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions, knowledgeable support and professional service to our customers that is second to none.